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About the Artists

Grupo Artenovum presents different styles and artistic tendencies.

All created and designed by Mugge Fischer & Ose del Sol


Mugge Fischer

Donnas del Mundo

Artenovum Graphic

Ose del Sol

CEO, Director, Marketing and Sale. As a licensed Business lawyer and economist, he is the organizer and strategic force behind the company. He is also artistic and creative. Enjoy his colorful works of art, filled with energy and spirit. Just click on his photo.

A projects that came to live in 2013, when we decided to pay a tribute to all the women in the world. Click on the Donna above, and you will be able to see the whole collection, and read the story behind each Donna.

Different styles and materials,

all based on our collection of Graphic Art.

New and challenging ideas

Click on the image to see more


Creative Director. A trained Haute Couture Designer, with affection for art. He is the creative force, always looking for something new. All is possible for this great Artist. Only the sky is the limit. Click on his image to see his unique and impressive

works of Art.



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