Artenovum Graphic is a part of Grupo Artenovum, established in 2004, by the two well renowned artists, Mogens Mugge Fischer and Ose del Sol.


For more than a decade, Grupo Artenovum has always aimed

to be innovative and seeking challenges in the world of

Art & Design,.


They are the masterminds behind e.g.

Donnas del Mundo, Casualart and T-Sharte.


With this new initiative,Graphic Design, they are daring in their choices and combinations, in order to be able to surprise their  international clients with high quality art and design...all made and elaborated with an artistic mind with a twist of its own.

Graphic art for decoration.

Unique works of art, paintings, decorative painting, murals

Modern Art and portraits.

The Donnas del Mundo collection.

Originals, reproductions.

Fashion for men and women.

Special designs printed digitally.

Ose del Sol

Mogens "Mugge" Fischer

Donnas del Mundo


Artenovum Graphic

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+34 650 32 40 12 (Mugge Fischer)