ø   800 mm x 40 mm

ø 1200 mm x 40 mm

1200 X1200 mm x 40 mm

  600 X1200 mm x 40 mm

1200 X1800 mm x 40 mm

1200 X2400 mm x 40 mm

Enjoy your day, your evening, the time with your family and friends, without to much noise. With the new ArtCustica from Artenovum, you can now combine your decoration and art with a very practical element - Sound reducing art.


The printed high quality panels are available in different formats. The variety of designs from Artenovum Graphic, can be combined with your existing decoration, or adapted in your new decoration.


Easy to hang, practical and sound-reducing. Just what you need to make your home a place without disturbing and unnecessary noise.


The panels are fireproofed.


Sound Absorption:


Test results according to EN ISO 354. Classification according to EN ISO 11654, and the single value ratings for Noice Reduction Coefficient, NRC and Sound Absorption Average, SAA according to ASTM C 423.

 Practical sound absorption coefficient

Certificate / Label

Environmental influence

Fully recycable.

The Nordic Ecolabel

From EPD in conformity with ISO 14040

The glass wool core of the tiles is tested and classified as non-combustible according to EN ISO 1182.

Country                                                                     Standard                                              Class


The CE marking confirms important product performance such as sound absorption, emissions, fire safety and load bearing capacity.

The products are CE marked according to European standard EN13964, and individual product performance is declared in Declaration of Performance (DoP) documents.

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